Il Pozzo (lett. The Well) is an authentic Italian establishment.

It is the first restaurant to ever open its doors in the cellars of Oudegracht aan de Werf.

Fourteen years ago, Mario Nistro had the bright idea of using the catacombs for hospitality. In doing so, he left a big mark on downtown Utrecht. Numerous restorers have followed his example.

Ten years ago Il Pozzo was taken over by the very inspired and extremely friendly Alex. Together with four family members, he realized a total concept that attracts guests from all over the world: the dishes, the hospitality and the entire decor (from furniture to music) are authentically Italian.

Il Pozzo became a forerunner in healthy, seasonal salads and meat and fish dishes, setting it apart from Italian restaurants far and wide.


Il Pozzo’s service is dynamic and primal Italian: waiters speak to guests in Dutch but talk among themselves in their local lingo, not shunning Italian temperament!

Sometimes this creates the impression of discord, but it adds to the atmosphere and culture that is peculiar to Italy. Il Pozzo stands for warmth and conviviality, but above all mouth-wateringly good food.

Our terrace: sun-drenched enjoyment

Il Pozzo has a waterfront terrace, which is sunny for hours on nice days. It then attracts nonstop visitors who indulge in a cup of espresso or cappuccino in the morning, enjoy lunch around noon and come for drinks in the afternoon, then gladly join them for dinner at nightfall.

The terrace seats 350 and is open throughout the summer season. Boats can moor there, for businesses this makes an ideal boarding point for a canal tour (see events).


Inside Il Pozzo: homely and robust

Il Pozzo has a homey atmosphere. Inside, you will find 300 seats in a purely Italian setting. The tables were made on site by a cabinetmaker who was flown in from Italy especially for this purpose! He created each sturdy table by hand, without the use of nails.

At the center of the restaurant is a well, the only remaining of seven drinking wells that these catacombs originally counted.

At Il Pozzo (lett. The Well) it’s all about the overall concept: the place, the atmosphere, the dishes, the hospitality.